Anyone who has ever participated or even watched a drag racing event knows the risks involved, especially with the latest developments of putting almost unfathomable amounts of power through such small tires. Well late last year Tim Lynch announced he was looking to sell his street car, a 7-second LX notchback ‘Stang with twin turbos that has undergone many changes over time. An offer during a test session at SGMP sent the car to a new home.

The pictures of what took place happened one pass after the sale, and they are almost hard to look at for us Mustang lovers, but they were posted on Yellowbullet. It is believed that the car got out of the groove and by then the driver was just hanging on hoping not to hit anything. Unfortunately luck was not with him that day.

Photos Courtesy Of: Sladek360

What exactly happened is something only the driver knows better than any of us, but it definitely could have been worse – and the car does appear to be repairable assuming there isn’t any structural damage to it. So who is the new owner? While there is no official word from the owner, rumor is that it was Texas Limited Street/TT5 racer Joe “Jojo” Melton. Hopefully his intentions are to fix the car up and get it back on track, as it was a magnificent car with a unique license plate; “7SecLX.”

Aside from the misfortune what we do know is a killer small block combination lies under the hood assumingly unhurt from the incident. The combo had changed many times under Tim’s possession – the most recent of which being a 369” 8.2” deck (302 based) motor with Trickflow twisted wedge heads and twin 76mm turbos. A combo that was stout enough to push this pony to the 7’s on multiple occasions with a small 28” slick and still remains docile enough to be taken out on the street for a burger or a cruise night.

While the future of this car is undetermined to say the least at this point we can only hope to see it back on the track soon, and most of all we are glad no one was hurt.

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