ACCEL has a new ECM out on the market. The Gen 8 Engine Control Module is a programmable spark and fuel system that features ignition signal profiles. This ECM can read stock, aftermarket or custom signals. It is ideal for street/strip engines making over 3000 hp.

Official Release


Gen 8,Sequential Engine Management System is a real-time programmable Spark and Fuel system that features ignition signal profiles that can be adapted to read virtually any stock, aftermarket,or custom triggering signal.This module is capable of controlling engine configurations ranging from a single ignition coil,to waste spark systems,and even coil-per-plug applications. Ideal for most performance Street engines,or Race engines making over 3000 HP!

• ACCEL/DFI Patented,Programmable,and Precise Engine

Control is now available for Fuel Injected engines ranging

from 2 to 8 Cylinders.

• All-in-one design has up to 8 Coil on Plug spark outputs,

and 8 fuel injector outputs in one module.

• Plug and Play support for common engine platforms like

GM LS1,LS2,LS3,LS6,LS7,Ford EDIS,Ford 36-1,

Chrysler 5.7L and 6.1L Hemi,and others.

• Multiple programmable inputs and outputs are available to

support up to 5 stages of Nitrous Oxide / Power Adders,Fan Control,Cam phasing,VTEC,and other high-tech accessories.

• 4 Mapping Strategies switchable on the fly.Software selectable Main RPM limit,2 Step,and 3 Step Engine RPM Limiters

• Multiple output controls handle functions like Torque Converter Lockup,Fan Control,Shift light,Delay Box,

Trans Brake,and other generic outputs.

• Low impedance injector drivers can run multiple injectors with up to 8 Amps available current per driver.

• Integrated 64 Channel internal Data Logging System – No laptop computer is required to record data.

• Three on-board microprocessors for amazing control,accuracy,and blazing speed up to 15,000 RPM.



Unlike competing systems that require separate modules to drive

multiple coils,the ACCEL/DFI ECM can directly fire up to 8 ignition

coils with no additional hardware.And since it’s fully programmable,

the ECM can be configured to control virtually any ignition setup

found on today’s multi-coil equipped vehicles.

Contact Information


Phone: 216-688-8300


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