In some circles, car collectors get a bad rap. Many see these often-wealthy collectors of rare automobiles as defying the true purpose of high-priced, high performance cars collecting dust (and value) in their climate controlled garage. But the fact of the matter is that car collectors preserve these rare cars for future generations to one day enjoy. Without them, even the coolest, rarest cars would be nothing but footnotes and a pile of parts.

Over at Bangshift, the staff is helping a fellow by the name of Jim to sell off twelve rare Blue Oval automobiles, and there are some real gems in this lineup.

Pictures: Bangshift

Among the cars are three 1940 Ford sedans, one of them equipped with a Hemi 426 engine, and another with a ’63 Corvette 327 engine. Then there is the 427-powered, R-Code 1964 Galaxie, a true muscle car in every sense of the world. This big honkin' car will peel the pavement right off of the ground. There is also another ’64 Galaxie up for sale, with a 514 big block engine topped with a supercharger for even more insanity.

Among the rarer cars is a 1-of-1 1968 Mustang Cobra Jet. With just 11,000 miles on the odometer, it is the only ’68 Cobra Jet painted in white and still retains the NHRA drag race decals from 1971. There is also the 1968 Mercury Cyclone 428, one of only a handful ever produced. But the coup de grâce is a 1964 Thunderbolt, one of just 100 ever produced. There is a certain mystique surrounding these factory-built drag racers. Based on the Ford Fairlane, the Thunderbolt dominated drag racing until Ford pulled the plug when the NHRA demanded 500 of the car be produced for consumer purchase.

If you want to get a hold of any of these cars, check out the Bangshift site. Some of the cars are surprisingly affordable, though the Thunderbolt has an asking price of $330,000.

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