When it comes to the Mustang convertible it’s hard to deny that it’s a trendy, hip, and stylish car that appeals to many diverse groups of people. Whether you’re looking for a cool car to roll down to the beach in with some surfboards, or take a cruise to the mall with the top down basking in the sun, you’ll be doing it in style. When it comes to building an all-out performance monster, people tend to shy away from the convertible design however.

Fortunately for those of us who marvel at the sight of a convertible gone hot-rod, we spotted this fresh Fox-Body ‘Vert buildup on Yellowbullet that’ll be competing in an 8.50 class upon completion.

Photos: Yellowbullet

Kicking off this build is a 25.5 spec chassis constructed by Fark’s Supercars that’ll fit nice and snug underneath the new ragtop. True Ford power will be bolted in up front in the form of a gnarly 363 cubic inch low-deck stroker motor. The engine will be finished off with a set of Edelbrock Victor series of cylinder heads, and an F1R Gear-Drive Procharger. Under that custom transmission tunnel will be an ATI Powerglide transmission that’ll be shifted by a B&M Pro Bandit series shifter. A rather economical yet stout package that should easily turn in some low 8-second runs on a good day.

One thing that really jumped out about this project is the extremely neat wiring setup provided by none other than Spaghetti Menders. That’ll keep all electronic systems functioning in harmony with the Big Stuff 3 EFI. On the ignition side the owner went with a MSD Digital 7 Plus ignition box and an MSD HVC II coil.

We’ve seen a few convertibles graze heads-up racing here and there, but definitely not as near common as their hardtop counterparts. Could the ragtop performance style begin to catch on? A bit far-fetched, but we’ve certainly seen crazier things happen. For now we’ll enjoy the presence of another unique ragtop race-car tearing up the 1320.

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