I need a "Ford Guy" or Gal ,to educate me in building , a streetable 351w, I would like it to run decent and sound really nice. What I have is a 351w block # D4AE......date code 5D18......It has been bored .30 over and has a set of new keith black pistons, stock crank and rods , flat tappet cam ,Edelbrock heads , And has never been turned over,When I bought this motor and body, the guy had paper work, he lost it in all the other paper work he had , well , a few months later he was killed in a wreck, that has been over two years now and still NO paper work, Sooooo I am gonna start over, I was thinking a new steel crank and H rods , roller valve train, I was thinking maybe a Mass-flo EFI, if it would work well with the motor, but I am not opossed to a nice intake and carb, I have no tranny, but was thinking maybe AOD, the rear gear is a narrowed 9" with 350 gears, This setup will go in a 30 model A Coupe sitting on a 32 TCI Pro-Street frame. wvozzy

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