Listening to the consumers is something any good company will take part in, and the automotive aftermarket is no exception. Forgeline, maker of high-end performance wheels, heard a handful of their customers would like a new "hidden bolt" option on their trick three-piece wheels. So Forgeline took their wheels back to the drawing board to come up with a new way to hide the very bolts that fasten together the "multi-piece' wheels.

What resulted is a super clean wheel that still has plenty of performance DNA laced inside it - and you can order the Hidden Blot Option on almost any set of Forgelines.

Now you see them, now you don't!

Forgeline offers the Hidden Bolt Option on all of their street wheels including the Premier series and the Performance Series. The wheel pictured above is part of the Performance Series, and shows off the new option. The Hidden Bolt Option removes the bolts from the front of the wheel, leaving a smooth surface on the wheel face.

How Forgeline was able to do it was by slightly redesigning every wheel. They added more material to where the bolts are located in order to drill and insert heli coils from the rear of the wheel, while still maintaining the same holding power and wheel strength. With adding material and re-drilling, they also needed to cosmetically re-design some wheels in order to get that extra material to cosmetically flow nicely with the rest of the wheel design.

Check out all of Forgeline's wheel offerings from their new hidden bolt option to all out race wheels by visiting

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