It's no secret that the Nascar engines of modern time are some of the baddest N/A small blocks out there. A mere 357 cubic inches making upwards of 800hp, and possessing the capability to hold together at 8-9000 RPM for hours during a typical race - with stats like that you know these motors are top notch. What does one do when they're looking for a mean powerplant for a road course/street driven Mustang?

House Of Boost's answer to this question was to pickup an ex-Nascar Yates motor, freshen it up and convert it to a boosted application with an F2 Procharger. For more on this build and many others check out their website.

Photos: House Of Boost

Even with the dropped compression ratio for boost, the motor still made 749 HP naturally aspirated. The target boost-wise will be a moderate 15 psi. Nothing but the best was used in the engine management department, with a Big Stuff 3 EFI tucked neatly underneath the dashboard on the passenger side, controlling the entire Aeromotive fuel system with 160 lb/hr injectors with a Snow Performance meth kit adding extra octane on demand. Already getting some lime-light exposure at the SEMA show, the car has many unique HOB additions from the accessory drive system and hydraulic clutch conversion. The fine details really make the car something to admire, from the smoothed firewall to the extremely well matched water/meth storage tank and pump system in the rear hatch area.

This '93 Cobra was given the nickname "Nascobra" for obvious reasons, though it won't see any circle track laps some road course outings are in the plans. The car is owned by the owner of the water/meth company Snow Performance Matt Snow, who has long been known for their impressive systems that allow for more boost on lower octane fuels. Definitely one of the coolest road course setup fox bodies we've seen in quite some time.

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