Comp Cams has released something new for Ford Modular engines. The Ford Modular 4 Valve Race Cores are designed for maximum performance and valve train control. These are available with high-lift counterbalanced or mid-lift non-counterbalanced cores.

Official Release

Comp Cams Introduces Advanced Ford Modular 4 Valve Race Cores

As of late, Ford has given Modular performance enthusiasts plenty of reasons to be excited. Larger valve lifts and improved cylinder head designs have each brought something new to the performance table. However, with 4V race engines, the long chain drive system faces serious potential issues at high rpm or with rapid engine speed changes. To squeeze out maximum power and valve train stability with these applications, COMP Cams® recently developed a new line of custom cam cores for several Ford Modular 4V engine applications.

Available with high-lift counterbalanced or mid-lift non-counterbalanced options, these premium cam cores are designed to deliver maximum valve train control and improved performance for 4V engines. While the counterbalanced cores can be used with any of the 4V cylinder head designs, individual caps (used on the GT head design) are required.

Made from an ultra-strong steel alloy, these cores are designed for .450"-.650" lifts, and the high-lift series of cores includes counterbalance weights to eliminate out-of-balance vibrations. Both the high-lift and mid-lift series feature a larger barrel and generous radii for reduced torsion, valve train drive harmonics and chain issues common in 4V race engines. And with a larger 17mm gun-drilling procedure, you get reduced engine weight without sacrificing valve train durability.

Each cam is custom ground for your specific application and provides the optimal combination for maximum Ford performance. These race-quality cores are kept on hand for quick delivery. Engineered from a high strength billet steel alloy, they employ the latest technology in camshaft design. For more information about the COMP Cams Advanced Ford Modular 4V Custom Race Cores, call us at 1-800-999-0853, or visit us online at

• Used with any 4v cylinder head design

• Made from ultra strong steel alloy

• Counterbalanced weights

• Larger 17-mm gun drilling procedure for reduced engine weight

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Comp Cams


Phone: 1-800-999-0853

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