We’ve always thought retractable spoilers were cool, though entirely unnecessary. Such devices always seemed more like a way to show off something neat then as having any sort of practical application on street cars. They tend to be reserved for high end cars like Mercedes AMG models and Bugatti Veyons. The Chrysler Crossfire was the last American car we can remember to have such a retractable spoiler.

Classic Design Concepts took the idea of a retractable spoiler, and turned it into an air brake concept for the 2010 Ford Mustang. Still a concept, it blends impracticality with coolness in a bold new way.

Usually when one refers to air brakes on a road-going vehicle, they are referring to air-powered brakes found on tractor trailers and dump trucks. As far as air brake spoilers go, they are most often found on heavy duty hauling trains and aircraft. The Bugatti Veyron’s retractable spoiler can double as an air brake, going up to a 70 degree angle to slow the hypercar down. Stock cars in NASCAR feature roof flaps designed to keep them on the ground during high-speed accidents.

The CDC air brake concept is designed for a Mustang, and well, it looks cool. Does it improve braking? Probably not a huge difference at low speeds, but possibly for triple digit speeds. The spoiler brake is activated by the brakes themselves. Quite the contrary, this would make your Mustang stick out at any event. If you like it enough, drop CDC an email and let them know. Maybe they’ll actually make it!

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