A name known very well in the Outlaw 10.5 world would be Dan Millen. With many championships and records accomplished throughout his career, he is definitely someone feared on the strip. Not only is he successful on the track but off the track as well, with his knowledge, skill, and experience, he was the driving force behind Livernois Motorsports and has been successful in that aspect of his life as well.

Dan Millen is the NMRA Pro Outlaw 10.5 Champion and record holder, along with many other championships in different racing series’ since 2001. Dan and his line of Ford Mustangs have gotten him to the point of 9 different championships and event wins along with 6 different records. One of the records being an ET of 6.66 @ 218 MPH.

Not only is Dan Millen winning races over here in the United States, but now he is winning them in different countries. The ADRL (Arabian Drag Racing League) is another series Millen is starting to compete in.

The ADRL runs as many as nine events at the Qatar raceway including: Pro Mods, Pro Bike, Super Street Bike, Street Bike, Outlaw 10.5, Top Sportsman, Super Street 8c, Super Street 6c and 7.50 index. Millen was able to bring home a victory in round 5 of the ADRL Pro Outlaw 10.5, and we got a chance to sit down and speak with him on the win.

Photo: ADRL.com

Q&A With ADRL Outlaw 10.5 Round 5 Winner Dan Millen

PowerTV: How hard was it to get your car over to Qatar?

Dan Millen : Well I definitely have to thank Sheikh Khalid for getting my car over there, I called the guy that he deals with over here and it was a real simple process. It was a lot easier than I initially thought. I was expecting it to be a real drawn out process but as long as you have your paperwork in order it’s no big deal. So we took the car to JFK in New York i gave him my paperwork, it was all scheduled, and it was about a twenty minute process.

PowerTV: Besides the car did you have to ship any of your equipment over there?

Dan Millen : What I did was shipped my car and three boxes. My tool Box, an engine, and miscellaneous parts that I would use for my car.

PowerTV: What was everyone’s reaction to seeing your car?

Dan Millen : I’ll tell you, the people over there are very appreciative of everything. They were happy to see us over there, and a lot of people were surprised we were there. But I got to know some pretty good guys from over there, and when they were over in the States testing, they convinced me that I needed to come back to were they are from and race.

PowerTV: Was your overall experience good, both on and off the track?

Dan Millen:It was an awesome experience, I actually can’t wait to go back. I went there for three weeks, then went back on February 7th and plan on going back there again very soon. It really is a great place.

PowerTV: In the future do you see yourself building a car and leaving it over there for those races and also having a car here in the States?

Dan Millen: I did sell my car over there, so I do plan on building a new car for next year. I do want to start racing the full series over there, that would be awesome, I don’t know what is going to happen in the immediate future but I can see that happening. The people that are over there are very very nice - I couldn’t have been treated any nicer, and it wasn't like they just treated me nice, they treated everyone nice.

PowerTV: Were the rules any different over there than in the NMRA/NMCA?

Dan Millen :Yeah, we were 100 pounds lighter over there than here, but other than that the rules were the same

PowerTV: How was the competition in Qatar?

Dan Millen : There was only five or six cars in our class and honestly, I only won one of the first four races I went to, so the competition is pretty good. Anybody can win over there - it was anybody’s race at anytime. We did qualify number one twice I believe, and that really played in favor for us but anyone could have qualified number one that is how good the competition was.

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