The “One Ford” strategy implemented by the Blue Oval several years ago had on major goal. Ford wants to tie together all of its cars from different markets, making it easier to manufacture parts and design vehicles and saving lots of money in the long run. That in turn meant that Ford’s bevy of difference performance vehicles would start drawing from the same parts bin.

Last week we asked what Ford would do with its diverse performance vehicle collection. Automobile Magazine got a chance to sit down with new performance chief John Capito, and he seemed to hint the groups would continue to live alongside each other.

Picture: Ford

More importantly though, Capito hinted that the Focus RS might actually make it to America. Blue Oval fans have been clamoring for such a move for a while now, and while Capito didn’t outright announce it, he did say “When you see the global vehicle lines, they offer the opportunity of global performance vehicles. The two generations of Focus we’ve had so far [internationally] were great bases for performance vehicles. The new Focus is the same, so there’s no reason if there’s one in Europe, it wouldn’t be here.”

That is as close to a “yes” as we have heard so far. Capito also mentioned that while the RS line has a strong following in America already, it is unlikely to replace the SVT line of vehicles (which right now has just the Raptor). So will the Focus RS remain an RS, or will it be morphed into an SVT? Capito also hinted that they were unlikely to over-saturate the market with too many RS vehicles, like an RS Fiesta as well as Focus. We should hear more about this in the coming months so stay tuned.

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