VP Racing Fuels has just added a new fuel to their arsenal. The new “CHP” fuel stands for Crate HorsePower, and it will give the racer the benefit of a wide tuning window. The “CHP” does run 4-7% richer than other fuels due to it’s oxygenation.

Official Release


SAN ANTONIO, TX (February 5, 2010) VP Racing Fuels, the world leader in race fuel technology, has introduced its newest race fuel—CHPTM. “CHP, which stands for ‘Crate HorsePower,’ will make 15-20 more horsepower than premium pump gas,” said Steve Burns, VP’s President. “But perhaps the biggest benefit the racer will see is the ‘wide’ tuning window.”

“This fuel will provide a great complement to VP’s MS109TM*unleaded race fuel, which over the last several years has become the fuel of choice for serious crate late model racers,” Burns continued. "While MS109*makes better power than any unleaded fuel on the market, CHP will now provide another option for crate engines which, besides making 1.5% more Hp than MS109, actually costs less.”

“CHP will also outperform E85 by 4-6% in Hp,” Burns noted. “Significantly, CHP requires carrying about 50% less weight in fuel compared to E85.”

“The key to CHP’s performance is better fuel vaporization, which improves fuel distribution and burning speed,” added Burns. “Due to its oxygenation, CHP has to run 4-7% richer than nonoxygenated fuels. Running richer with better fuel distribution effectively adds 2-3 octane numbers and provides even more on-track protection against detonation than its standard ASTM motor octane rating would indicate. We do not recommend it for boost or nitrous applications, or for applications with compression ratios over 12.5:1.”

• Runs 4-7% richer than non-oxygenated fuels

• Cost less than VP MS109

• 15-20 hp over premium pump gas

• Not recommended for boost or nitrous applications

Contact Information

VP Racing Fuels

Web: www.vpracingfuels.com

Phone: 302-521-1767

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