It is no secret that the technology found in racing engines often trickles down to production cars. The Boss 302R Mustang straddles a fine line between production car and race car. It comes pre-built from the factory to compete in events like the Mustang Challenge and Grand-Am series, but it isn’t designed for on road use. Still, it also isn’t that far removed from a road-going daily driver.

The Mustang News seems to think that the Boss 302R could translate into a Boss 302 street Mustang, and they make a strong argument for their case.

Picture: The Mustang News

The first point the Mustang News makes is the 302R’s unique intake manifold. The manifold is taller than the one found on the 2011 GT’s 5.0 liter engine. The manifold also has indentations that would fit an engine strut brace and Boss 302 emblems. There are also ribs on the manifold…more a dress-up option than necessary for a race car. The throttle body and air-intake box also feature all the tabs necessary for vacuum lines and the factory acoustic tube that increases the sound of the V8 inside the Mustang’s cabin.

Picture: Ford

A point we’d like to make is that if Ford is really going to bring back the Boss, they would be foolish to make just 50 of the cars as they are with the 302R. The Boss name still carries a lot of weight, even though it has been forty years since the name appeared on an American Mustang. Slip it in somewhere between the Mustang GT and Shelby GT500 in terms of cost and horsepower, and you’d have a real winner on your hands.

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