Turn-key race cars seem to be growing in popularity, especially about the Big Three auto makers. Ford has its new Boss 302R road-racing Mustang, Dodge has its DragPak Challenger, and the boys at GM are definitely cooking up something for the Camaro. But these cars aren’t cheap. But Pro Challenge cars are.

The Mustang News ran a story about Pro Challenge cars, which are tube-frame vehicles with different bodies attached. Pro Challenge recently released a new Mustang body style.

Picture: Pro Challenge

If you’re looking for a comparatively cheap way into racing, Pro Challenge cars are definitely worth looking into. These small club racers can be bodied in a number of ways from Dodge Challengers to BMW M3’s. The Mustang look is the latest body style, though the Pro Challenge cars are much shorter than their real-world counterparts. With a wheelbase of just 92 inches, they are even shorter than a modern Mini.

Being so small, and having a tube-frame chassis, these cars also weigh around 1,500 pounds. That means the sealed 2.3 liter, 170 horsepower Ford ZeTec engine can take these cars to top speeds of around 180 mph. Plus a turn-key race car costs just $35,000. The limited-production Boss 302R goes for upwards of $129,000, plus all the costs that go along with supporting a driver, car, and team. Racing isn’t cheap, but a Pro Challenge car could be just what the doctor ordered as far as cheap thrills.

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