Finding, tracking, and taking pictures of upcoming cars is a high risks game that pits huge corporations against a dedicated few. These spy photographers spend hours camping out at test tracks, hanging around design centers, and doing all they can to catch an exclusive glimpse of the next hottest ride from manufacturers. Of course in the age of the cell-phone camera, sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time.

Take for instance these pictures taken by Cole Train over at LS1tech of what appears to be a sleek and sexy Ford Falcon just outside of Chicago. Could the US get another large rear-wheel drive sedan after all?

Pictures: Cole Train

Last week’s announcement that the Taurus SHO would be the next Police Interceptor from Ford pretty much dashed the hopes of Blue Oval bringing the Aussie rear-wheel drive sedan to America. But these pictures, taken in February just outside of Chicago, rekindle hopes that there is yet room in the Ford lineup for a rear-wheel drive sedan. There are plenty of hints beneath the carefully hidden bonnet that indicate this is indeed a Falcon.

From the rear, the oval shaped badge and rear end appear to indicate this is a new Subaru of sorts. But those tail lamps are definitive of an Aussie Falcon, as are the large wheels and red Brembo brakes. Then there is the power dome hood, and rounded, circle headlights hidden underneath the camouflage. According to Cole Train, the driver of the test car was doing his best to lose him as well. We won’t hold our breath, but we will hold out a little more hope that the Ford Falcon might yet make it here to the states.

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