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The new 2011 model V6 Ford Mustang has made a lot of noise, both literally and figuratively – more so than any of the more economical V6 pony cars in history. With it’s 3.7-liter version of the all aluminum 60-degree Duratec V6 pumping out a stout 305 horses and a new six-speed manual transmission, the GT’s little sister isn’t so little anymore. And she’s got a great new upgraded, more intimidating look for 2011 to go along with the performance.

The question on the minds of many thus far has been…how does it stack up against some of the former GT’s? The 2010 GT produced 325 horses; a scant 20 horses more than the new V6. The V6 is a legitimate contender to it, and at a lower price. So the only way to really find out is to line ‘em and let ‘em rip.

Bird-Kultgen Ford, a dealership in Waco, TX, took it upon themselves to match the two cars head-to-head to answer that question. And why not? The outcome could result in some potential sales. In the first race, the GT pulled the V6 hard out of the gate, but the six-speed showed its muscle and pulled to within a car length of the mighty V8. In the second of two races, it was much of the same although the V6 did tighten the gap ever-so slightly.

Clearly the GT is still faster, as expected, but never before has the little V6 been able to tail the V8 so closely. And at a savings of $4,700 and the benefit of an extra 8 miles per gallon, it’s not one to casually stroll past on the dealer lot. But hey, we’re car guys and that throaty V8 sure gets our blood pumping.

Evolution Performance has been particularly upfront about their horsepower and track numbers, garnering a lot of attention to their work on the 2011 GT. We’ve already had several posts on Evolution Performance’s work on the 2011 GT. First was their low 12-second run with basic bolt-on’s, and then a high 11-second pass, then low 11s, and finally ending on 10.80s last week. They have now upped the ante and broke into the 10.50s, and they say she isn’t even done yet.

I called Fred at Evolution Performance to get the low down on their new record from two days ago. He mentioned that some of the upgrades included a lightened interior, slicks instead of radials, and a Eaton TrueTrac differential. The main reason for the new differential was because the stock unit died after their 10.80 passes. The 1.40 60 foots can be mainly accredited to the drop in overall ET, though they did up the jet size to net a 125 shot over the previous 100 shot. They also compression check the motor after each run and so far the 5-liters rings are still holding, despite all the nitrous abuse.

One piece that is surprisingly stock is the clutch. Fred remarked that their were some hot spots and you can smell it a little after a hard nitrous run, but it is still living in comfortably in between the 5-liter and newly equipped 6-speed transmission. Fred feels that with a few more passes that the Evolution team can get the Mustang into the 10.30s. Keep an eye out for the possibility of one more test session this week as they gear up for the NMCA Maple Grove race next weekend. Nothing like seeing a bolt-on showroom fresh Mustang hanging both front tires a foot in the air…

The sport of drifting may have been invented in Japan, but Americans have taken to the sport like a fish to water. Aside from our love of all things tire burning, big American muscle cars may excellent drifting candidates thanks to their rear-wheel drive layout and lots of low-end torque. There are several Ford Mustangs entered in the 2010 Formula Drift championship, including a 2011 model driven by drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr.

This YouTube video, posted by Roush Performance isn’t about Vaughn Gittin Jr. though. Instead, the star if this video is a 2010 Roush 427R Mustang, driven by another drifter, Ali Aljibouri.

The video, which clocks in for just about 46 seconds, is a rather intense 46 seconds of non-stop drifting. Ali, who bills himself as a professional stunt driver, drifter, and test driver on his website, shows some rather impressive skill behind the wheel of this particular Roush. The smoke show never stops during the length of the video. Ali, who test drives for Cooper Tires, was apparently shredding some new Cooper RS3 rubber during this trial.

This isn’t even a 2011 Roush 427R. Rather, this car makes due with last year’s technology, including starting with the base 4.6 liter V8 engine rather than the new-for-2011 5.0 V8. But with a RoushCharger, suspension and exhaust upgrades, and a skilled driver behind the wheel, you’d never know the difference. Still, we think it is about time that Roush dips its toes into the world of drifting.

Dennis MacPherson and his talented crew at DMC Racing have done it again. These guys have made a heck of name for themselves, churning out one awesome race car after another. Their latest handiwork to hit the track is the Outlaw 10.5 ride of northeast racer Jason Enos.…layer_embedded

Jason’s absolutely beautiful, show quality 1967 Mustang recently rolled out of the DMC shop, where the new 600-plus cubic inch Proline big block Ford was installed, the headers fabricated, the twin 108mm turbochargers mounted, and all the wiring, plumbing, and intercooler tubing set up. Gary Naughton, an accomplished chassis builder in his own right, originally built the car more than three years ago.…layer_embedded

Enos and crew, along with the guys at DMC and Steve Petty of Proline, finally got the car out for testing this past weekend with some hits at New England Dragway and the numbers – especially for a brand new combination right off the trailer – were nothing short of exceptional. Things got started with a short 300-foot squirt to shakedown the car. On the second pass, Jason took it out the back door, netting a 6.86 at 214 miles per hour. The third pass was an even quicker – 6.76 at 220. Both of the full passes look to be relatively soft runs and once Jason leans on this thing, he’ll definitely be a player in the quickly reemerging Outlaw 10.5 scene up north.

Said Jason, “His car has been a thorn in my side for a long time and to go out and have a weekend like we did is just bittersweet.”

It’s stories like this that make you root for the small guy. Car restorer Tim Shuler is at the centre of an odd legal dispute involving one of the holy grails for Mustang owners, a candy-apple red 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500. In 1980 the car was reported stolen and, officially, never recovered. Unfortunately the man […]

Just when you had begun to think it was safe to come out and play, Stevie Fast is back!

Jackson’s familiar “Killin Time” orange flamed Fox body Mustang that had become an intimidating sight at any radial race it entered has remained parked thus far in 2010, as Steve has shoed an Outlaw 10.5 Mustang for another car owner. He has, however, parted ways with that team and will have his own car back in action beginning this weekend at Carolina Dragway, much to the dismay of his competitors.

“We’re going back to what we know…back to drag radial racing. That’s kind of where my heart is, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Jackson and crew will run a couple of ORSCA Limited Street races, the ORTC events, and “pretty much anything that pays money in drag radial.” He even relayed his intent to do some quarter mile racing, with the Shakedown in the fall tentatively penciled into the schedule.

“We made a couple quarter mile hits last year with our little motor, and its fast, so we’re looking forward to doing a little quarter mile racing. I’m probably the poorest guy in drag radial, so quarter mile is just hard on my stuff.”

Jackson has a new motor in the works that he hopes to have in the car at some point this season, which if its any improvement in performance over the current power plant – and he wouldn’t be building it if it weren’t – the rest of the class had better watch out.

“We’ll be making a lot more noise once we get this new motor. That’s when the sparks are gonna’ be flying. We’re gonna’ reset the world record. I don’t know if we’ll get it set by the end of this year, but by Donald’s race next February, we’re gonna’ set the world record.” It’s safe to say that a match up between the two drag radial juggernauts of Jackson and David Wolfe is high on the list of anyone that possesses any knowledge of these two combatants, and many were a little disappointed back in March upon learning that Steve wouldn’t be racing the familiar orange rocket. When asked of his thoughts on racing Wolfe, Steve was quick and to the point in his response. “I would love that. I’d love to set up a nice little match race between me and Wolfe.”

Butter up your popcorn folks, the show is about to start!

Replacing all fuel lines and brake lines in my ’95 SN95 3.8L. Will be ordering SS lines from Classic Tube. Fuel lines come in Feed, Return and Vapor kits… Brake lines come in one complete(?) kit – minus hoses. I’ll buy Earl’s or Maximum Motorsports SS Braided hoses for a stiffer pedal, but I’m open to suggestions if you have any. A few ?s…

  1. Has anyone used this vendor specifically for an SN95?
  2. Does the kit include the braided hose/bent tube assemblies that attach at the tank (duck bill connectors) running up to the plastic/rubber coated lines that connect at and near the fuel filter (duck bill on feed/friction barb on return)?
  3. If not, is there a source for these?
  4. Or an alternate assembly?
  5. Are the lines covered with the gravel guard at appropriate locations?
  6. Is anything missing from the kit besides clips?
  7. Lastly, do you find any ‘gotchas’ in the process?

Thanks for your time…


Who doesn’t like a sweet deal on some new parts for their favorite car, the Mustang? We’ll we know we do! Through our normal surfing, we were checking out New Take Off’s web site and found two things to improve the exterior look and function on the S197 Mustang – a Chin Spoiler and a set of Bullitt Wheels.

You can find these deals as well as others from New Take Off, by checking out their website.

First up we saw the chin spoiler. New Take Off is offering this for all 2005-2009 Mustang owners that are looking to add a stronger stance to their car. Designed by Classic Design Concepts, the spoiler highlights the natural lines of the factory bumper and features a textured black surface similar to the type seen on the stock black mirror housings. Though, these can be painted to match your existing body color. We liked it because it installs using factory hardware and a few strips of 3M acrylic bonding tape so you won’t have to hack up your bumper to install it. In this package, NTO includes the entire front bumper with the spoiler already installed! This is perfect for those with a beat up bumper that are looking to replace it with something with more style – and of course V6 owners wanting to upgrade to the GT look. New Take Off has this on sale for $369.99.

Another sweet deal is the set of four chrome Mustang Bullitt wheels. Measuring in at 17”X8”, these five spoke wheels are the same ones equipped on the Bullitt Mustang with the chrome wheel option. That means they can fit all 2005-2010 Mustangs, including V6 models with no modifications. Normally these wheels sell for around $1,600. NTO on the other hand is letting these go for only $799.99, just under half what they normally go for.

But the guys and gals over at New Take Off wanted to kick it up another notch for you Stang TV die-hards. They are offering an additional $100 of the Chrome Billett Wheels, when you purchase the wheel and tire package and use the discount code PowerTV. This deal runs until the end of the month, so move quickly!

Knight Rider, as a television show, sucked. We’re not talking about the 80’s classic with David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff and Gary Colemen and the Trans Am-based K.I.T.T. That show is forever a classic, a tribute to 80’s machismo and science fiction. No, it was the new Knight Rider, with no-name talent and reject writers with no sense of suspense or action or coherent plots. It sucked, and NBC mercifully killed it after just one and a half seasons.

And now you have a chance to own a piece of crappy show history. Mecum Auto Auctions is putting one of the K.I.T.T. Mustangs up for auction, adorned with faux missiles and machine guns.

Pictures: Mecum

There were numerous K.I.T.T.’s made for the television show, from the “Hero” car to the “Attack Mode” car pictured here. As the name suggest, the Attack car was the aggressive version of K.I.T.T., who had many weapons at his disposable including a laser, machine guns, and missles. K.I.T.T. also had many disguises, like an F-150, Transit Connect Van, and even a ’69 Mach 1 Mustang. Of course, this was all in the television series.

The actual car is little more than a tricked out Mustang built by Harold Belker of Cinema Vehicle Services. It does have a side exhaust, much in the way in vehicle adornments, and an odd hood…scoop? We’re not exactly sure what that is on the hood, but this car does have the working Knight Rider light bar. This is one of just two “Attack Mode” cars built, with the other serving duty at Universal Studios in Hollywood. So here is your chance to own a piece of crappy television history!


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