Tools are an important part of the automotive lifestyle, and I think it is safe to say there is defiantly an unwritten list of "Must Have" tools. These can range from a simple box wrench, to a pneumatic-powered impact gun. With the advancement of technology, video, and more specifically, video cameras, have worked their way into the tool box of some of the top level racers regardless of sport. More and more, we see racers having their car recorded to study how it performs out on the track, just like in the stick and ball world.

But why does the power and usefulness of video have to stop when the car gets off the track? We were checking out Cornwell Tools website and found this full color, high resolution, video scope designed for the automotive industry. Instantly, our minds were flooded with uses for this tool. We came up with a few of the places this would be useful to for our cars, but we also want to know - what could you use this tool for?

Real quick, here is the quick rundown on this tool:

• High resolution auto focus color camera

• 2.5-inch full color viewing monitor

• Video Output

• 10MM shaft diameter

• Fluidproof, flexible Staylok shaft

• High output LED illumination

• Light Source - Dual white LED’s at tip

• Kits include: Scope, batteries, clip-on mirror and magnet, and storage case

Bent Valves?

Yeah, it happens to the best of us. You get a little excited with the RPMs, float the valves, and POW! Piston hits the valve, valve gets bent, and doesn’t seat right in the head. Now, while a simple compression check might be able to tell you which cylinder is the culprit, but could you really tell for sure that it was the valves and not a blown ring? Imagine if you could feed this camera into the spark plug hole and take a look at the valves, all without ever removing the heads!

Worried About Your Eyes?

Sight is an important sense, no disputing that. We imagine that you could even use this camera to see things that you wouldn’t want your eyes exposed to, like inspecting the fuel pickup in your fuel cell without even draining the gas. Really, the uses are endless. This is one tool that is defiantly going to be on our wish list.


Cornwell Tools


Phone: 800-321-8356

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