Replacing all fuel lines and brake lines in my '95 SN95 3.8L. Will be ordering SS lines from Classic Tube. Fuel lines come in Feed, Return and Vapor kits... Brake lines come in one complete(?) kit - minus hoses. I'll buy Earl's or Maximum Motorsports SS Braided hoses for a stiffer pedal, but I'm open to suggestions if you have any. A few ?s...

  1. Has anyone used this vendor specifically for an SN95?

  2. Does the kit include the braided hose/bent tube assemblies that attach at the tank (duck bill connectors) running up to the plastic/rubber coated lines that connect at and near the fuel filter (duck bill on feed/friction barb on return)?

  3. If not, is there a source for these?

  4. Or an alternate assembly?

  5. Are the lines covered with the gravel guard at appropriate locations?

  6. Is anything missing from the kit besides clips?

  7. Lastly, do you find any 'gotchas' in the process?

Thanks for your time...


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