So as another month goes past with no real progress or updates on my car I’m yet again finding myself trying to keep the spark alive by looking up parts I need to buy. A few months ago I was looking at the MSD-6AL which I’m looking at getting when car begins to be built back up but now I’ve been considering the car stereo, and to me it’s one of the most important things in the car!

I’m a believer of keeping things as ‘vintage’ as possible, now I know ‘Eleanor’ in itself is not really vintage, but I prefer things to be as close to original or vintage as possible. So vintage or original steering wheel, dash, original deluxe seats with seat backs and that kind of thing. So when it comes to the stereo I obviously want it looking original but I certainly don’t want the kind of sound the original setup put out. So I’ve come across these original ‘looking’ stereos from Custom Autosound that let you plug in iPods and MP3 players along with a 10-disc stacker.

Now these have been out for many years but I’ve only really looked at them recently and the one I’m looking at is the USA-630. Their website tells me the following “AM/FM Radio with USB input for MP3/WMA file playback and direct CD Changer Controller. This AM/FM radio will control all functions of the optional Custom Autosound 10 disc CD changer from the buttons on the radio. And now features auxiliary input for iPod, satellite radio etc. The USB port is on an 14″ extension that allows placement of your flash drive in the ashtray or glove box. No unsightly wires hanging from your dash. All radios are supplied with the correct surround bezel for your car. Check out these exciting features.”

That’s brilliant. So I can wire the iPod or iPhone into the glove box. Plus USB which plays MP3 files.

I think another great feature is when the car (or radio) is off it looks like the original Mustang radio. Only when you power up does the backlit screen takeover to display all the relevant information.

I’m pretty much sold on this unit though I also know that it does also come down to what speakers you’re using, which is probably something I will look into when we’re looking at putting the interior back into the car.

So what stereos are you all using? Anyone have experience with Custom Autosounds products?

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