PlasmaCAM has introduced a new CNC cutting system designed to operate from a personal computer. The new DHC2 cuts any metal with detail unmatched by hand. This machine enables increased production capability and a higher level of detail and precision. The CNC plasma cutter can be assembled and running within 4 hours of shipment. This thing is great for making your own brackets, or anything you want from medal.

Official Release:

PlasmaCAM has developed a fully integrated CNC cutting system that will operate from a personal computer. The PlasmaCAM DHC2 CNC plasma cutting system enables you to cut any metal with precision, achieving detail not possible by hand. The computer-controlled robotic arm can guide the plasma torch over the surface of the work to create intricate and complex cutting patterns.

With the ability to cut so precisely, the moneymaking possibilities are endless. This is why more and more shop owners are deciding that CNC plasma-cutting tables are great additions to their shops. Budget-oriented shops can acquire this versatile and powerful CNC plasma cutting machine that can cut highly specialized shapes and reproduce virtually any metal part with relative ease. These machines can be acquired inexpensively and can be up and running in less than a day.

PlasmaCAM’s 4’x4’ CNC plasma cutting table ships complete in one box, weighing in at roughly 380 pounds, and can be assembled in about four hours. PlasmaCAM has developed excellent instructional DVDs to guide the assembly process and teach users to become operational.

The machine consists of a rugged frame with an integral cutting grate, drive components with servo motors, a controller, and high-tech Digital Height Control. The PlasmaCAM software includes CAD functions that let you quickly draw or import shapes. The software also features the ability to nest parts, for getting the most out of your materials. The machine and software will cut pieces up to 4ft by 20ft. Cutting as fast as 1000 inches/minute, giving you a whole new level of production capability.

The opportunity to own such a machine enables shops to increase production capability and gain new abilities to make highly customized parts. This system, easy to learn, operate, and maintain, will keep operations up and running through critical production schedules.

  • CNC cutting system

  • Operates from personal computer

  • Cuts any metal with precision

  • Assembled and running in less than a day

  • Cuts pieces up to 4'x20' at 1,000" per minute



Phone: (719) 676-2700

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