Just the sound of it is odd, a 2JZ-GTE Toyota power-plant in Ford’s iconic muscle car? It might be labeled a bastard child by just about every common definition of the phrase, but will running some respectable 8’s over the weekend at Famoso be good enough to keep the critics quiet? Whether that’s the case or not, it’s plenty enough to make us want to learn more about this unique ride.

Read more into Jeff Wilson and the Jaw's Gear crew's experience at the SCE Summer Nationals on Titan Motorsports Blog page.

Photos: Titan Motorsports Blog

The muscle car roots within a lot of us might start to cringe already, but Wilson told us not only was he tired of conventional blue oval setups becoming commonplace, he felt that a single turbo 2JZ engine would be the most reliable, toughest and cost-efficient over time, provided you don’t mind the ‘unique’ sound it emits. It looks just a wee bit obscure in that Stang’s engine bay, but we can’t argue that it seems to be working well. The event wasn’t an instant success by a longshot, as tuning and new chassis gremlins gave the team trouble all throughout pre-race testing and qualifying, but luckily they were able to just barely squeak into the field with a 9.63 at 145, which slid them into the last qualifying slot.

The Titan Motorsports sponsored pony was facing almost certain elimination first round going after the #1 qualifier, but to the team’s delight the other car redlit. After running a 9.159 in the second round to also flip on the win light, Jeff set himself up for an interesting final against Gary Brandt who was running consistent 8.7’s all evening. While Brandt came out on top, Jeff did manage to get down the 1/4 mile at 8.962 seconds, trapping 159 mph – a far cry from where they started the day. While Jeff, all the Jaw’s Gear guys and Titan would have loved to see a final round win, it’ll be marked up as some solid advancements that this team is in need of.

Rest assured this pony will be back hoping to improve on the already impressive times, planning to hit most of the WCHRA races, along with the PSCA Street Car Super Nat’s in November.

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