With such a success coming from the production of the 2008 and 2010 Cobra Jet, Ford is already looking into how to make the 2011 and beyond Cobra Jet even better. Jesse Kershaw from Ford Racing has held his lips tight for quite some time about what the next Generation Cobra Jet will be composed of, but alas, he’s given us a bit of info in regards to the 2011 and beyond Cobra Jet and body-in-white program that Ford will be offering, over on Classracer.

The 2010’s have already shown they can squeeze their way into the 8’s in the right conditions, but what will the 2011+ do? From what we’ve heard thus far, Kershaw confirms that the 2011+ will be nearly identical to the 2010, but as with any already awesome production car, Ford is intent on adjusting a few little things to make it just a little bit better. If anyone is looking for a Body-In-White to build their 2011 just how they want it, that option will be there too, just visit your nearest Ford Racing distributor for more info. Also partially assembled competition kits will probably be available, and ideas of selling already NHRA-certified caged cars are brewing in Kershaw’s mind.

With an already overflowing amount of interest in their 2008 and 2010 program, Ford just couldn’t turn the other way when the racers were firmly interested in the future of the Cobra Jet program. Also, if you’ve got any ideas for what you think should be included in the future Cobra Jet cars, make your voice heard! Get in touch with Jesse Kershaw or anyone else at Ford Racing. Either way, we know there’s something coming for 2011 and beyond for all the factory drag car fans. How do you like your Cobra Jet’s? Pushrod 352 or 428 powered, or a little mod-motor Whipple-supercharged madness?

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