About two or three weeks after installation contact with a steep driveway broke the Show-N-Go.  The failure was because the transport mechanism is directly connected to the pulley cable.  There is no breakaway to prevent damage to the transport mechanism when the plate is put under stress.  When the driveway scraped the bottom of the license plate frame it pushed the frame backwards, this in turn pulled the front pulley out of its mount.  We attempted to repair the unit; however, we were unsuccessful.  The small press-fit pin that holds the pulley in was simply too small to fix.

We recommend that you not install this unit anywhere it may contact the road surface or you will ultimately damage it.  Altec needs to install some kind of breakaway for the transport mechanism to prevent this from happening.

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So you live in a state that requires that you have a front plate, but you don't like being pulled over every few days for not having a front plate.  You also don't want to drill a bunch of holes in the front bumper of your pristine new ride.  What's a Mustanger do to stay on the good side of the law?

The Altec Show-N-Go is a license plate holder that can keep the front of your car looking like it is supposed to, while enabling you to stay on the good side of the law.  Two different kinds of Altec holders are available, a manual version and an uber-pimpy electric version that pulls the plate in and out automatically at the touch of a button on the included remote.

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