Well this one came as a total shock to me quite frankly I hope none of it is true. Late last week the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation served search warrants on Classic Recreations for the possibility of VIN fraud and also hauling away numerous cars in the process.

The allegations are around VIN fraud, which is basically taking vehicle identification number of an old or junked car and using it on another car, and from what I can gather in this case investigators are alleging Classic Recreations are using VIN’s from original mustangs and putting them on new mustang shells or possibly Dynacorn shells and selling them as original, restored vintage mustangs when in fact they are a brand new car.

What I do find interesting is the fact Carroll Shelby has approved these builds as new cars, even granting them new Shelby build numbers. Doesn’t this mean they are in fact authorised new cars?

When the story broke the media outlets quoted Classic Recreations owner Jason Engel as saying he “knew what was going on, but claimed not to know it was illegal.” But this has since been dismissed by Classic Recreations with the release of a press statement saying:

“The quote attributed to Jason Engel in a single local Oklahoma news report is second hand information that was misquoted by the local media outlet. Classic Recreations denies any and all wrongdoing. Like thousands of other restoration shops and hobbyists across the country, Classic Recreations builds vintage cars with original and aftermarket parts – the restoration marketplace should pay attention to what is happening here. The shop has built a reputation for building the highest quality vehicles and delivering unrivaled customer satisfaction and will continue to do so in the future.”

and then followed by:

“We are a family-run business that is proud of our hard-earned reputation for honesty and superior craftsmanship, and are confident that this misunderstanding will be cleared up quickly.”

I understand how the media can twist a story and misrepresent the truth but in the videos below seeing the cars being hauled away is hard to watch and indicates there is something requiring investigation. I only hope for Classic Recreations this is some kind of misunderstanding.

Below are a few other stories and videos from the media. Stay with us for updates.

Classic Recreations respond – http://www.koco.com/video/24204835/
[Koco.com Video]

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