Officials of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation served a warrant at the premises of Classic Recreations, in Yukon, OK, last week. Several vehicles were seized and removed from the property.

Classic Recreations is a builder of G.T.500CR "restomod" Mustangs, essentially new versions of the 1967 Shelby GT500. The "Intro" model sells for $119,000 and comes with 545 hp, according to the company's web site. High-end models start from $199,000.

At issue appears to be the removal of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plates from old Mustangs and installing them on cars built using all-new body parts, for example those from Dynacorn. "They were basically removing VIN plates and putting them on these manufactured cars and then marketing them as classic, original Mustangs," explained OSBI spokesperson, Gary Perkinson.

Jason Engel, the owner of Classic Recreations, is reported to be cooperating fully with the authorities. According to Perkinson, no charges have been filed, though the investigation continues.

Dynacorn, the makers of replacement sheet metal components and assembled body shells for enthusiasts, is very clear on their web site on titling issues. ON the topic of VINs in the state of Oklahoma, they say:

Your vehicle registration number will be based on the vehicle identification number (VIN) located on the body of the vehicle (body VIN). If the vehicle has a custom body without a body VIN, the OTC will issue a VIN. This number must then be die stamped onto the doorplate on the vehicle.

The OSBI maintains that anyone involved in removing the VIN plates could face charges for fraud.

Classic Recreations subsequently released the statement below.



Classic Recreations has an excellent reputation and has always provided its customers with a quality product that is among the finest in the world.

We are working with local authorities and are anxious to clear up any misconceptions and currently in the news.

The quote attributed to Jason Engel in a single local Oklahoma news report is second hand information that was misquoted by the local media outlet.

Classic Recreations denies any and all wrongdoing.

Like thousands of other restoration shops and hobbyists across the country, Classic Recreations builds vintage cars with original and aftermarket parts - the restoration marketplace should pay attention to what is happening here.

The shop has built a reputation for building the highest quality vehicles and delivering unrivaled customer satisfaction and will continue to do so in the future.

We are a family-run business that is proud of our hard-earned reputation for honesty and superior craftsmanship, and are confident that this misunderstanding will be cleared up quickly.

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