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RADAR Active

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

RADAR ActiveSocial Networking has changed the way people use the Internet.  It has become a powerful tool for connecting people and sharing information.  Now thanks to RADAR Active you can have extra eyes and ears on the road through the power of social networking.

The range of a good RADAR detector is up to about 2 miles.  But what if you could extend the range of your detector by a factor of ten or more?  What if you had a fleet of other detectors scanning ahead for you?  This is what RADAR Active can do.  It can turn your Valentine One RADAR Detector and your iPhone into a super speed trap detection community.  By using your iPhone for GPS and Internet connectivity and your Valentine 1 RADAR detector, RADAR Active can share your alerts with others and you get the benefit of their alerts as well.

I’m still very interested in the right hand drive bezel package from RRS, particularly because it comes in deluxe brushed aluminum which, for right hand drive, is very hard to come by as it was never produced in RHD from the factory and to date RRS are the only company mass producing deluxe RHD bezels.
This […]

Ford Racing 2011 5.0L Supercharger Kit

Friday, August 27th, 2010


Dearborn, Mich. — Ford Racing has announced today the availability of a new, 2.3L twin-screw supercharger for the 2011 Mustang. When mated to the all-new 5.0L 4V TiVCT V8 engine, this 50-state-legal powertrain, can produce 624 hp SAE @ 6900 rpm and 536 lb-ft SAE @ 4700 rpm. This is the first Twin-screw unit available to consumers.

The new supercharger is Ford Racing’s first power upgrade component for the new 5.0 engine. It was developed by Ford Racing engineers, in close collaboration with Ford Motor Company’s powertrain engineers, Team Mustang, and key partners in Roush and Whipple. The supercharger is being seen for the first time Saturday at the annual Woodward Dream Cruise in the Ford Mustang Alley display.

“Superchargers are the ultimate in power upgrades for Mustang enthusiasts,” said George Goddu, Ford Racing Performance Group Manager. “Calibration for a modern V8 engine, especially one with twin-independent variable cam timing, is incredibly complex. Production calibration for the 5.0 engine took 19 months. Having that knowledge base to work from is a huge advantage.

“In fact we had the whole engineering background of the engine right from initial concept,” Goddu added. “With that knowledge base, and extensive collaboration across the team, we are able to offer a top-notch supercharger, induction kit and the optimum calibration. This results in great power, drivability and durability.”

“After more than 100 hours of accelerated durability testing, the entire Ford Racing package performed flawlessly” reports Dev Saberwal, Ford Racing’s lead calibration engineer, “Ford Racing performance parts are subjected to extensive testing to ensure optimum performance across a broad range of conditions.”

This supercharger comes as a complete package, and it’s available in three levels: a 525 hp kit with a 12/12 warranty; a 624 hp kit and a tuner kit for racing and extreme enthusiasts. Each of these impressive kits gives 2011 Mustang owners the opportunity to boost the performance of their cars to new levels.

Ford Racing Performance Parts offers a large selection of performance products from complete race cars to injectors. For Mustang enthusiasts Ford Racing’s catalog of performance upgrades offers a range of enhancements for the 2011 Mustang as well as a wide range of power, chassis-system and appearance upgrades for 2010, 2005-2009 and earlier Mustangs.

• 2.3L twin-screw supercharger assembly
• Intake manifold
• Complete air-to-liquid intercooler system
• Drive belt
• 47 lb./hr., high-impedance fuel injectors (M-9593-LU47)
• Ford Racing ProCal tool with performance calibration
• 12 month /12,000 mile warranty (when installed by a Ford or Lincoln dealer)
• Produces 525 SAE hp @ 6400 rpm and 470 SAE lb.-ft. @ 4200 rpm, at approximately 7 psi of boost with 93 octane fuel
• MSRP $7,199.00 (black) and $7,799.00 (polished chrome)

• 2.3L twin-screw supercharger assembly
• Intake manifold
• Complete air-to-liquid intercooler system
• Drive belt
• 47 lb./hr., high-impedance fuel injectors (M-9593-LU47)
• Ford Racing ProCal tool with performance calibration
• Produces 624 SAE hp @ 6900 rpm and 536 SAE lb.-ft. @ 4700 rpm, at approximately 9 psi of boost with 93 octane fuel
• MSRP $7,499.00 (black) and $8,099.00 (polished chrome)

• 2.3L twin-screw supercharger assembly
• Intake manifold
• Complete air-to-liquid intercooler system
• Drive belt
• 47 lb./hr., high-impedance fuel injectors (M-9593-LU47)
• MSRP $6,499.00 (black) and $7,099.00 (polished chrome)



Friday, August 27th, 2010

IVONIA, Mich. (August 26, 2010) – Since the day Ford announced the new 5.0L engine for the 2011 Mustang, people have been asking, “What is ROUSH® going to do with that engine? When will the ROUSHcharger® be available?”

2011 5.0L Mustang RoushchargerThe answer to those questions is finally available. ROUSH has engineered a 5.0L ROUSHcharger Tuner Kit that can boost the horsepower on the 2011 Mustang upwards of 550 horsepower on stock pump gasoline with more than 470 lb.-ft. of torque. This 5.0L ROUSHcharger Tuner Kit (part number 421140) has a suggested retail price of $5,999.00 and is available for shipment now.

Damian’s Kimberly Update – Even Closer

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Last time I posted about Damian’s Eleanor he was very close to having her finished, in fact they were looking at an April 2010 completion date. Well unfortunately that month came and went though as Damian explains it’s ever so close now with the final rebuild taking place
“I was hoping to have the car in […]


Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Jack RoushCONCORD, N.C. (August 12, 2010) – Jack Roush, co-owner of Roush Fenway Racing and chairman of ROUSH® Enterprises, was released from Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., yesterday.  

“I would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of support and concern I have received the past two weeks,” Roush said. “Our teams and drivers have not missed a beat in my absence, and I am proud of the effort they have put forth. I look forward to rejoining them at the track soon.”

It has not yet been determined when Roush will return to the race track.

The official Roush web sites will have more information and updates as they become available. They will be posted to and

It’s the best possible outcome for Classic Recreations and an outcome I hoped for. Last month Classic Recreations was raided for alleged VIN swap and was under investigation by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Though it has now been revealed by Classic Recreations that a former disgruntled employee made false accusations to the […]

Ford F-150 gets entirely new engine lineup

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Ford 6.2L SOHC V8 F-150 EngineFor 33 years the Ford F-150 has been the best selling truck in America, and with good reason.  Excellent design, attention to detail, and outstanding capability have been the truck’s hallmark for years.  The only tarnish on the F-150 for the past few years has been the engine.  All of that is about to change.

Starting with the 2011 Ford F-150 an entirely new lineup of engines has been introduced.  After a hiatus of the past few years a V6 is again available in the F-150 in trim levels up to XLT in Rear Wheel Drive applications.  The 3.7L V6, the same one used in the Mustang and several other cars is available in the F-150 pumping out 300 horsepower and 275 lb.-ft. of torque and will tow up to 6,100 pounds.

Gone is the 4.6L SOHC engine and in its place is the new 5.0L 32-valve, DOHC engine found in the Mustang.  Albeit with specific changes that make it more suitable for trucks.  A slight reduction in compression ratio to 10.5:1 as well as a revised exhaust camshaft help to move peak torque lower.  The engine now generates 360 horsepower and 380 lb.-ft. of torque and is capable of towing up to a class-leading 9,800 pounds.

The new premium engine for F-150 will be the 3.5L ecoboost V6 engine, which has undergone some revisions to make it suitable for truck duty.  Final specs are not available for power and torque output yet, but should be available in about six to eight weeks.

Moving down from the F-250 and Raptor is the 6.2L SOHC V8.  With a best-in-class tow rating of 11,300 pounds this engine will provide competitive fuel economy for the class.  Additionally this engine leads the segment with the most powerful engine available at 411 horsepower and 434 lb.-ft.  This will be the largest engine offered in the F-150 since the 5.8L Windsor departed in 1996.  The 6.2L engine will be available in select series F-150s and standard on to 2011 Harley Davidson edition.

All the F-150s will get Ford’s 6R80 six-speed automatic transmission.  For the first time though this transmission is offered with two new features that should appeal to truck owners: Progressive range select and SelectShift.  Progressive range select allows the driver to prevent the transmission from shifting into higher gears when the truck is hauling heavy loads or pulling up hills.  This will reduce the amount of hunting the transmission does under these types of situations.

SelectShift allows the driver the ability to put the transmission into full manual mode.  The driver is then able to select the proper gear by pressing the up or downshift buttons.  This mode will hold the transmission in the selected gear until the driver commands another shift.

Other great news for the F-150 is that fuel economy is projected to increase 20% across the board compared to 2010 and earlier models.  Maintenance intervals have been stretched as well and all the engines are designed to go 10,000 miles between oil changes thanks to deep sump oil pans.  Ford estimates that this will save up to 52% in maintenance costs and reduce vehicle downtime normally associated with service requirements.

The 2011 Ford F-150 pickup lineup is by far one of the most capable lineups to ever come from Ford in the light duty pickup truck segment.  With the increases in fuel economy, power and capability expect to see the 2011 F-150 win some awards in the very near future.

Operation Drive One – Norfolk, VA

Friday, August 6th, 2010

❱❱ Meet Bill Goldberg – former wrestling champion – and check out his 1970 Lawman “Super Boss” 429 780-hp Mustang
❱❱ Enter for a chance to win a private Toby Keith concert, one of two 2011 Ford Mustang vehicles and one of 12 trips to Homestead Miami Speedway to attend Ford Championship Weekend NASCAR® races*
❱❱ Take a spin around the Precision Driving Course and learn moves you can’t do on the road
❱❱ Test-drive a new Ford vehicle**
❱❱ Participate in kids’ activities, stop by the Ford Auto Show and more!


Operation Drive One - Goldberg

* No purchase necessary. Must be current or retired military member who is a legal U.S. resident, 18 or older. For complete official rules (including entry, eligibility and prize details), visit Promotion ends 11/12/10. Sponsor:
Ford Motor Company, 16800 Executive Drive, Dearborn, MI 48126.

** Must be 18 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license. No DOD endorsement of any commercial products or services implied or inferred at this event.

SYNC Lockpick Install

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

SYNC-LP1If you want to add extra performance to your Mustang, it’s as easy as hitting the net and getting some performance parts for you engine headed your way.  But what if you want to supercharge the factory SYNC system?  As good as Ford’s SYNC system is, it does have some limitations.  If you want to add features that you didn’t originally order, it’s difficult to do on your own.  This is why you need Coastal Electronic Technologies Lockpick system.  The SYNC-LP1 Lockpick will allow your SYNC enabled Mustang to have expanded capabilities and will allow you to add features that you could only get as factory ordered options.  The unit is available for SYNC systems with and without the Ford touch screen navigation system.  Installation is easy and fairly quick, requiring only simple hand tools and about two hours of free time.  Anyone who is competent with a screwdriver should have no trouble with installation.

What exactly does the SYNC-LP1 do?  The SYNC-LP1 enables many SYNC features that are shut off by the factory at certain times during the drive cycle.  It also enables features that the car may not have been ordered with from the factory.  Unfortunately several models of Mustangs cannot be ordered with a rear view camera, including: California Special, Shelby GT500 and some cars with certain spoiler or delete options.  The need to have a camera becomes readily apparent when you try to back one of the new S197 cars into a garage.  The high decklid, package tray and spoiler can block a significant portion of your rear view.  This makes it impossible to see lower objects directly behind and to the sides of the car.


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