SYNC-LP1If you want to add extra performance to your Mustang, it's as easy as hitting the net and getting some performance parts for you engine headed your way.  But what if you want to supercharge the factory SYNC system?  As good as Ford's SYNC system is, it does have some limitations.  If you want to add features that you didn't originally order, it's difficult to do on your own.  This is why you need Coastal Electronic Technologies Lockpick system.  The SYNC-LP1 Lockpick will allow your SYNC enabled Mustang to have expanded capabilities and will allow you to add features that you could only get as factory ordered options.  The unit is available for SYNC systems with and without the Ford touch screen navigation system.  Installation is easy and fairly quick, requiring only simple hand tools and about two hours of free time.  Anyone who is competent with a screwdriver should have no trouble with installation.

What exactly does the SYNC-LP1 do?  The SYNC-LP1 enables many SYNC features that are shut off by the factory at certain times during the drive cycle.  It also enables features that the car may not have been ordered with from the factory.  Unfortunately several models of Mustangs cannot be ordered with a rear view camera, including: California Special, Shelby GT500 and some cars with certain spoiler or delete options.  The need to have a camera becomes readily apparent when you try to back one of the new S197 cars into a garage.  The high decklid, package tray and spoiler can block a significant portion of your rear view.  This makes it impossible to see lower objects directly behind and to the sides of the car.

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