It’s the best possible outcome for Classic Recreations and an outcome I hoped for. Last month Classic Recreations was raided for alleged VIN swap and was under investigation by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Though it has now been revealed by Classic Recreations that a former disgruntled employee made false accusations to the OSBI about stolen equipment.

As a result cars were impounded which saw a halt to production and although cleared the OSBI did find that Classic Recreations could not replace rusty metal around the VIN tag without completely retitling the vehicle. This brings up a bit of a dilemma as now only higher quality donor cars will have to be used, which will drive up costs that would be passed on to the consumer. It basically means rusty donor cars will be much harder to use, if at all.

“Laws were created to protect people from car thieves, now the government is reinterpreting those laws to go after restoration shops, and it makes keeping classic cars on the road very difficult,” Engel told Jalopnik.

Classic Recreations will continue to build their cars, though now adhering to the newly defined laws. Mr Engel however is now working with state legislators to more clearly define what can and cannot be replaced on a vehicle during a restoration

“What happened to me could happen to anyone.”

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  1. Mustang Forum Says:

    Good to be reading this, I’m glad they will be alright.

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