JLT Carbon Fiber IntakeFord's Shelby GT500 is a monster of a machine.  Unfortunately, the Federal Government wants to keep the roar of that beast quiet so Ford has to meet what are called "drive-by noise requirements."  To that end the GT500's supercharger has a muffler on it to help keep the car's distinctive supercharger more subdued.  Just like restrictive mufflers on the exhaust, this piece robs horsepower.  We found out that removing this government mandated restriction freed up as much as 22 horsepower!

Enter JLT Performance (http://www.jlttruecoldair.com/) who make a variety of cold air induction kits and other accessories.  They have the cure for the GT500's quiet under hood demeanor, of course they also make intakes for virtually every other kind of Mustang.  We installed the JLT 2010 - 2011 GT500 Carbon Fiber Cold Air Kit part number: CFBCAI-GT500-10 on our 2011 GT500 project car.


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