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It seems golfer Aaron Baddeley is a Mustang fan and he now has his own custom restomod, complete with his nickname in the paint to prove it.
Aaron’s dad Ron Baddeley project managed the resto with help from the team at Slamed Creations, taking inspiration from the movie, Gone in Sixty Seconds, to build a one-of-a-kind […]

Well these kinds of stories never cease to amaze me. Restorers getting in over their heads and taking orders they cannot deliver on. This is alleged to be the case with Fayetteville car restoration company, Classic Chassis.
Several customers have filed complaints stating the car-restoration business has taken their money without completing the work on their […]

So I’ve not caught any of the Twilight, Vampire, True Blood or whatever those movies are but I’ve seen all the coverage they have been getting. Not my type of thing, though it has made this site for one reason only. Twilight star Cam Gigandet seems to have himself and Eleanor restomod
Far from recent news […]

2011 Ford Shelby GT500 Review

Monday, October 18th, 2010

2011 Ford Shelby GT500To the untrained eye the 2011 Ford SVT Shelby GT-500 looks just like the 2010 Shelby GT-500.  To see the difference you need a few things: a dyno, a scale, a lift but most of all a stopwatch – if you only have the latter, that will be enough.  When you open the hood, the only visual difference is that the 2011 does away with the 2010’s black supercharger and utilizes a natural finish.  The new aluminum block is only visible from underneath and you’ll need a decent scale to find the 2011’s weight loss.

What you’ll really notice is the reduction in 0-60 times from 4.3 to 4.1 seconds and quarter mile times from 12.7 to 12.4 @ 117 MPH.  With a weight savings of over 100 pounds off the nose of the car, the balance is better, resulting in dramatically improving handling.  2010 GT500 coupe weight was 3,924# with 58% of that mass up front and 42% in the rear.  The 2011 GT500 improves upon this by tipping the scales at 3,820# with only 56% of that weight up front.


New Detection System works with iPhone ® to Alert Drivers to Radar/Laser Guns, Speed/Red Light Cameras and Other Road Hazards

Cobra iRADARCHICAGO, IL (October 14, 2010) – Cobra Electronics Corporation (NASDAQ: COBR), the leading manufacturer of radar detection devices, announced today the launch of its new Cobra iRadar Detection System. The Cobra iRadar system combines industry-leading radar/laser gun and speed/red light camera detection technology with the ease of use of iPhone to create a revolutionary detection system.

The Cobra iRadar Detection System consists of a state-of-the-art Cobra radar detector and the Cobra iRadar App for iPhone. The system uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to connect iPhone to the detector, and the iPhone Multi-Touch display to control the detector’s settings. As a result, the Cobra iRadar Detection System enables motorists to view, hear and log alerts for radar/laser guns as well as upcoming speed/red light cameras and other potential hazards.

So since my post about the movie correct French steering wheel availability it seems Eleanor enthusiasts have bombarded my friend Dom proving there are many of you out there that are after one of these hard to find steering wheels. Well for those still deciding or considering one here is a small update from Dom, […]

Mustangs & Fast Fords O.C. have a novel project going on right now. They’re building a 1966 Mustang GT350 restomod in their showroom on Main street in Santa Ana
The guys over at Mustang Monthly were invited to check out the very public build of a 1966 red GT350 replica. The car is being put together […]

The Latest News from Steeda!

Friday, October 1st, 2010


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