For the autmotive enthusiast the closest thing to heaven can be found amidst the glittering lights and spectacle that is the Speciadlty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) Show  in Las Vegas. Each year the world's largest collection of automotive aftermarket suppliers gathers to display their offerings. Gleaming under the lights of the Las Vegas convention center you will find displays of every imaginable bolt-on part, tool, or accessory you can imagine.


It is said that if you walk up and down every aisle of the show floor you will cover 26 miles!  Seeing everything at the SEMA show is virtually impossible, but this week we're going to do our best to bring you the hottest products we find.  So stay with us and follow along as we tour the show floor this week.  We'll do our best to bring you a glimpse of the spectacle that is the 2010 SEMA show!

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