Shelby and Roush have been associated with the Ford label for decades with both showing an passionate interest in the manufacturer’s Mustang range of muscle cars. Shelby has a experiences of creating some of the most fabled Mustangs ever made which contain the GT500 and GT350 and they proceed to create Mustangs that surprise enthusiasts. Roush isn’t tame either, with its bulked-up scope of Mustangs that fight the other chief pony car modifier in town – Saleen. So what happened when Ford invited Roush and Shelby to the same workshop and asked them to work together to make a one-off Mustang inspired by an iconic military aircraft known as the SR-71 Blackbird? Surprisingly, they agreed.

SR-71 Blackbird Mustang

The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird was a greatly advanced reconnoitring aircraft developed back in the 60’s and it was so much sophisticated that it went on to assist the US Air Force for four decades till it retired in 1998. The aircraft still holds records for high- altitude flight and top speed. So when Ford definite to pay tribute to this great war gismo at the world’s greatest aviation exhibition, the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) 2010 AirVenture Oshkosh, they found the Mustang and its most revered mentors apt for doing the honours. Ford is the unique automotive partner of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh and the one-off Mustang will be sold at the Gathering of Eagles with all of the proceeds channelled to the advantage of the EAA Youthful Eagles organization.
SR-71 Blackbird MustangSR-71 Blackbird Mustang
Based on a 2011 Mustang GT 5.0, the car sports the glass roof with an insignia featuring the aircraft. The lines and looks were beefed up by Mustang Chief Designer Darrell Behmer to bring it as close as possible to the Blackbird. Mustang Chief Nameplate Engineer Dave Pericak paid attention to the car’s engineering and construction. Finished in black and gray matte exterior paint, supplemented by SR-71 themed graphic treatment, performance wheels, front and rear fascias and an integrated spoiler/wing, the Blackbird Mustang does look the part. Supercharger, handling pack, tuned exhaust, and exhaust tips from Ford Racing Performance Parts bin were bolted on for the performance upgrade which made the all-aluminum 5.0L 32-valve V8 engine pump out an additional 100bhp.
Seats are reserved for the pilot and co-pilot and a roll-cage has been welded in to keep the occupants safe in case the pilot a.k.a the driver got carried away by the spirit of the aircraft which inspired the car. Unique gauges, tool cluster graphics, racing seats and a flames extinguisher finished the purposeful interior. Amusingly, Ford also made it a point to expand the “SR” in the car’s name as “Shelby” and “Roush” to indicate the first collaboration of the celebrated names.
SR-71 Blackbird MustangSR-71 Blackbird Mustang
So who got to sign the car – Carroll Shelby or Jack Roush? In actuality both did as the signatures of Shelby and Roush are embroidered on the seats and captured on the special appliqué autograph area.
The SR-71 Blackbird Mustang will be exhibited at the Ford Hangar at EAA Air Venture Oshkosh from July 26 and will be sold at EAA Gathering of Eagles on July 29.
P.S: We wonder whether Michael Bay will be grabbing this Mustang from the aviation event for a major role in the third instalment of the Transformers movie which is being filmed as this blog is being posted. The fanbase has strongly recommended the return of Jetfire, the character which was portrayed by an SR-71 Blackbird in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Jokes apart, we hope the thought of including this car in the movie, without blowing it up, crosses his mind.
SR-71 Blackbird Mustang

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