It’s something I know I’ve always wished for though thought it could never happen, a Mustang themed reality TV show. But things may be about to change. R&A Motorsports have come up with a pilot for a series they call ‘American Pony Builders‘ hosted by R&A Motorsports shop manager Jeff Yergovich

The show will be based around Yergovich giving an insight into the restorations and projects they have going on, along with inside tips for all mustang owners of vintage to late models.

“We will show some great power and handling upgrades, how to restore parts correctly, racing, auctions (do’s and dont’s, and the excitement that goes with getting your dream car), the worlds best car shows (and what it takes to put one together), what it takes to develop a specialty Mustang and then market it. You will meet people from the Mustang press. Are you getting the theme? It’s about you and your car. It’s about what we do with the worlds greatest production automobile and the story that goes with it.” Yergovich said.

Take a look at the trailer below and see what you think. Spread the word and cross your fingers this goes into production. It looks like a fantastic show.

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