The Ford Motor Company has spent many years archiving photographs of the cars they build. The problem is most of these images have been locked away in the FoMoCo vault and never get seen by the public. But this has all changed with Ford’s introduction of

Many of the countless photos catalouged on FordImages were used as press photos. Often seen in brochures, advertising and PR. What’s good about the site is now you are able to actually buy these photos in a range of different sizes.

The site isn’t just for Mustang lovers though. It covers all things Ford including past Ford models, drivers and even Ford Tractor projects. Though I think one of the most interesting images is of a 1967 Ford Mustang Mach1 Concept Car.

Head on over to Fordimages and spend some time going through the vast amounts of imagery they have.
Fordimages 1967 fastback 1 Fordimages 1967 fastback 2 Fordimages 1967 fastback mach1 concept styling Fordimages 1967 fastback mach1 concept Fordimages fastback 2 Fordimages 1967 fastback mach1 concept styling cover 67mustangblog


© 2011, 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. All rights reserved.

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