It’s been too long between posts so to get things moving again I thought I’d share with you this amazing restomod that recently sold on eBay. It’s a 1967 Fastback that has been restored to resemble a 1967 Shelby GT500 and boy does it look amazing.

The car was built by a team at Pro Touring Super Cars who are a division of Speed Inc. The project had no expense spared and as you can see from the pictures it looks immaculate throughout.

The builders claim it wasn’t just all new parts that were added. They paid special attention to the bodywork too. “Gaps were adjusted until they were far better than the factory could ever manage, and the hood was finished to levels that nobody at the Shelby factory could have imagined was possible in 1967.”

The engine was upgraded to a supercharged 2004 Cobra block delivering around 444bhp and about 495 pounds of torque. “It also features a custom induction system to fit it into the 67’s engine bay. There’s a smaller pulley on the supercharger to up the boost (these engines with their forged bottom ends can easily handle a lot more boost than the factory permits), and a custom Aeromotive fuel system to ensure that it is adequately fed at all speeds.”

Coupled to that engine is a T56 with Centerforce DFX clutch and hydraulic conversion. Overall as I said the car has had no expense spared. Too much to list in-fact. But take a look at the photos. This car puts a smile on my face.

1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Replica

-2004 Cobra Supercharged
DOHC Motor
-Upper Pulley
-Custom Induction
-Factory Cobra T56
-Pro 5.0 Shifter
-Centerforce DFX clutch
-JMC Hyd. Clutch Conversion
-9″ w/3.90 Gear
-Custom X-pipe
-Custom Fabbed Exhaust w/Magnaflow mufflers/tips
-Custom Heat Exchanger
-Custon HE Reservoir
-Custom Aluminum Radiator / Electric fan
-Speed Inc Return style Fuel system w/Aeromotive rails
-Custom Speed inc tune
-446 RWHP / 505 FT LBS

-Factory “Deluxe” Black Interior
-Custom SPEED INC gauges, in modified stock housing
-Genuine Shelby steering wheel
-Factory Radio with Ipod plug-in
-Factory stock appearing otherwise

-Martz Chassis from Subframe
w/additional triangular bars fabbed
-Strange Front 12 way, height adjustable coil over shocks
-G-bar rear 4 link
-Varishock Rear 12 way, height adjustable coil over shocks
-Subframe Connectors
-Flaming River Tilt Column
-Martz Power rack and pinion
-Wilwood Front and Rear Disc Brakes

-GT500 Clone
-Acapulco Blue Base/Clear Paint
-Red Oxide undercarriage
-Rotisserie restored
-Coys 18×8 Front Wheels
-Coys 18×9 Rear Wheels
-BFG G-force Tires
-Rear Sequential LED conversion

The care was sold through RK Motors in Charlotte

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© 2011, 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. All rights reserved.

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