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Prior Design, a German company known for their body kits for European cars, has turned their attention to the Ford Mustang. They have released a new three-piece styling kit for the 2005-2009 Mustang that includes a new front bumper, side skirts, and a rear bumper. The front features larger air inlets for a more aggressive appearance, and the rear includes a race-style diffuser. Unfortunately the stock exhaust system doesn’t fit with the body kit without modification, but Prior Design offers a new muffler with quad tips to fit the rear diffuser.

Here’s the official press release from Prior Design:

Company Prior Design from Kamp-Lintfort at the Lower Rhine, which specialises in exclusive aerodynamics components, offers a complete styling kit for the ancestors of the “new” pony car, the Ford Mustang. After installation of a Prior Design front bumper with large cooling air inlets and very low corners, the vehicle front appears much more dynamic and aggressive, giving the previously powerful Mustang an even stronger overtaking prestige. The front cover is balanced by the rear bumper. With its diffusor design, it is directly reminiscent of round-track racing cars and delivered with a US license plate recess. The matching side sill pair harmoniously connects the new end covers and visually lower the car.

The Prior Design styling kit matches all Ford Mustang C5 models up to the facelift (2009 and newer). They can also be mounted on PDC vehicles if slots are cut into the bumper for mounting of the PDC sensors.

Prior Design’s products are made of an epoxy-based plastic fibre composite. With its great surface structure and high stability, this high-quality material enables simple and cost-efficient painting. Prior Design components have a great fit and are easy to mount.

Optionally, Prior Design offers the matching stainless steel end muffler, which, however, has to be installed on site in Kamp-Lintfort. Use of a serial exhaust system is only possible with modifications.

You can see the body kit in detail in the gallery below.

Prior Design Ford Mustang 02-prior-design-ford-mustang 03-prior-design-ford-mustang 04-prior-design-ford-mustang 05-prior-design-ford-mustang 06-prior-design-ford-mustang 07-prior-design-ford-mustang 08-prior-design-ford-mustang 09-prior-design-ford-mustang 10-prior-design-ford-mustang 11-prior-design-ford-mustang 12-prior-design-ford-mustang 13-prior-design-ford-mustang

[Source: Prior Design]

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