Bosch Iridium Edition Mustang RTR

For the past few weeks Vaughn Gittin Jr. and his team have been getting the one-off Bosch Iridium Edition Mustang RTR ready for its debut. The last time we updated you on the car it had just arrived at Classic Design Concepts and Gittin and the CDC crew had just finalized the design. Since then the car was stripped down at and fitted with a carbon fiber roof, hood and decklid made by ASD, the same company that makes the body panel’s for Gittin’s drift car. Then the RTR headed over to Ice 9 Customs for its custom paint job using a one-off color developed specifically for the car.

With the car complete, Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Classic Design Concepts unveiled the car earlier this week to a small group of people at CDC’s facility in Michigan. The Iridium Edition RTR looks amazing even in the poor indoor lighting, and we can’t wait to see photos of the car outside.

The latest video below shows the Iridium Edition Mustang RTR getting its carbon fiber body panels and paint, and we’ve also posted several photos from the car’s debut at CDC. Want to win the car? Head over to Bosch’s Facebook page and enter to win.

Bosch Iridium Edition Mustang RTR 02-bosch-iridium-edition-mustang-rtr 03-bosch-iridium-edition-mustang-rtr 04-bosch-iridium-edition-mustang-rtr 05-bosch-iridium-edition-mustang-rtr 06-bosch-iridium-edition-mustang-rtr 07-bosch-iridium-edition-mustang-rtr 08-bosch-iridium-edition-mustang-rtr 09-bosch-iridium-edition-mustang-rtr 10-bosch-iridium-edition-mustang-rtr 11-bosch-iridium-edition-mustang-rtr 12-bosch-iridium-edition-mustang-rtr 13-bosch-iridium-edition-mustang-rtr

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