Ford Mustang RTR

We’re big fans of Vaughn Gittin Jr’s Mustang RTR, so we’re happy to bring you a new photo gallery of the car in Grabber Blue courtesy of who have just posted a review of the car. We have to admit that we haven’t seen the RTR in every color, but the Grabber Blue might just be our favorite yet.

As for the review of the RTR, Autoblog praises the appearance of the car, saying “the look is more modern than retro and very tastefully done.” They also have kind words for the 19-inch RTR wheels. On the downside, they find the suspension too harsh and that the “additional stiffness didn’t actually translate into better handling.”

Head over to to read the full review, or check out the photos in the gallery below.

Ford Mustang RTR 02-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 03-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 04-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 05-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 06-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 07-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 08-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 09-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 10-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 11-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 12-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 13-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 14-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 15-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 16-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 17-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 18-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 19-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 20-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 21-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 22-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 23-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 24-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 25-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 26a-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 27-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 28-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 29-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 30-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 31-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 32-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 33-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 34-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 35-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue 36-rtr-mustang-grabber-blue



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