MRT Mustang Rear Window Louvers

MRT has announcd their new rear window louvers for 2005-2012 Mustangs including the new 2012 Boss 302. Louvers have always been popular with Boss 302 owners and were an option for over 50% of all Boss 302s delivered in 1969 and 1970. The new louvers complete the look of the new Boss 302 and all 2005-12 Mustangs without compromising rear window visibility. Each set is engineered so that each slat has a smooth, seamless surface eliminating the need for unsightly rivets and hardware  and features a tight flowing look with an arc that compliments the rear window.

The MRT louver features a patented one-piece, aircraft grade aluminum design that is lightweight and durable. Owners can purchase the rear window louvers powder-coated satin black and ready to install, or they also can be painted to the owners taste. The louvers are hinged for an easy lift and the standard MRT prop rod makes cleaning a one person job.

The MRT rear window louver does not require sheet metal drilling or modifications during installation. The hardware kit and instructions are included with the rear window louvers. Each set is 100% engineered and manufactured by MRT in the United States.

[Source: MRT]

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