Though the term ‘pony car’ may sound a little strange and not so endearing to most sports car enthusiasts, the Mustang has worn the title with pride for many generations. The only surviving true pony car descendants, Mustangs remain designed for sporty atmospherics, enviable power compared to typical passenger cars, and more. Unfortunately, the Mustang is still an entry level sports car, which means that despite its many assets, it still pales in power and performance result comparisons with the pricier kids on the block. If you want your Mustang to be capable of generating significant additional horsepower, or just be able to reduce its wind resistance, there are several Mustang performance upgrades to consider.

ECU Chips
For those who are looking for an upgrade that’s as inexpensive as possible but still provides noticeable improvements, Mustang performance chips are the way to go. These chips are directly installable and can be inserted in under an hour, even with a novice at the helm. For under a hundred dollars, you can purchase and install the chip, as you won’t need to worry about professional installation for this simple-to-install piece. And if you don’t care about the time expense or the monetary cost, you will care about the performance results. With up to 60 extra horsepower possible using a chip, as well as enhanced fuel economy and a more rapid 0-60 acceleration time, you simply need to spend less than you would to replace your mp3 player. Just remember: Mustang performance chips are only installable on cars equipped with air intake sensors, which didn’t gain prominence until the early-to-mid 1980s. If you own a Mustang from before that time, the options below will be better suited to your vehicle’s performance needs.

Supercharger and Turbocharger Kits
A Mustang turbocharger or supercharger can bring your vehicle greater speed, power, and efficiency, just as with a chip, but it’s going to cost you significantly more. For a few thousand dollars, you can get a turbocharger capable of boosting your car’s horsepower by up to 400 horsepower, though that cost doesn’t include the need for any professional installation help should you require it. Superchargers will be less expensive, but also less powerful. Still, if money is no object, these performance gains are tremendous, and both types of equipment can actually be paired with performance chips for even greater results.

If ECU chips and turbo kits aren’t the answers you were looking for, there are other upgrade types to consider as well. Air dams and spoilers can improve your Mustang’s aerodynamics and reduce wind resistance, while even something as simple as properly inflated tires can reduce unnecessary fuel waste. Whether you decide to install lighter fiberglass body parts or simply buy a more powerful engine, you can always modify your vehicle’s performance capabilities to your specific driving needs.

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    these chips are great for performance for the price!

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