2012 Ford Mustang with 1968 styling

Mixing the classic styling of 1960s Mustangs with the current S197 platform is nothing new. Retrobuilt, a company out of Nixa, Missouri will even build them to order. So what’s so different about this particular retro-style Mustang? For starters, it was built solely by hand by a 23 year old who works at a body shop in Lincoln, Nebraska. The creator, John Heermann (known as Johnny Sparks around the shop), loves the design of the 1968 Mustang and decided to put that styling onto his own 2011 Mustang GT. After removing the factory sheet metal, Heermann spent 9 months fabricating his own panels with the end result pictured above.

While it’s quite an achievement for a 23 year old to fabricate his own custom car, Heermann will also be lucky enough to have the car featured at the SEMA show in Las Vegas next week. The car will debut at the Afco Dynatech booth, and you can be sure we’ll be swinging by to check it out in person. Look for more photos and details about the car next week.

2012 Ford Mustang with 1968 styling 02-1968-style-s197-mustang 03-1968-style-s197-mustang 04-1968-style-s197-mustang 05-1968-style-s197-mustang 06-1968-style-s197-mustang 07-1968-style-s197-mustang VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

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