Creations n' Chrome Boy Racer Mustang

Last year at SEMA Creations n’ Chrome burst onto the aftermarket scene with their “Pony Girl” 2011 Mustang Convertible featuring Passion Pink chrome paint, HRE wheels and 3d Carbon body kit. As we previewed back in July, the Southern California based company will be coming back to SEMA for another year, this time with a race-themed Mustang nicknamed “Boy Racer”. Their latest creation is a contrast of themes, with the 3d Carbon body kit and red chrome paint screaming show car on the outside, while the Sparco racing seats, custom carbon fiber dash and 8-point roll cage are more like that of a race car’s interior. Under the hood is a Vortech 25th anniversary supercharger system mated to a Boss 302 intake and Nitrous Express nitrous system, and Creations n’ Chrome has also fitted HRE Comp 95 wheels, Wilwood 14-inch brakes and Falken Azenis RT-615 tires on all four corners.

You can see the full list of modifications and more photos of the car below:

Creations n’ Chrome Boy Racer Mustang Features:

  • Creations n’ Chrome Boy Racer Red chrome paint
  • 3d Carbon body kit
  • ASD carbon fiber hood, roof, and trunk lid
  • HRE Comp 95 18-inch wheels
  • Falken Azenis RT-615 tires, 265/35R18 front and 315/30R18 rear
  • Wilwood 14-inch brakes, 6-piston front and 4-piston rear
  • KW Variant 3 coilover suspension system
  • Creations n’ Chrome adjustable panhard bar
  • Vortech 25th anniversary supercharger system
  • Ford Racing Boss 302 intake manifold
  • Nitrous Express nitrous system with intercooler spray bar and methanol injection
  • Blow-by-Racing 3-inch off-road x-pipe
  • Corsa Performance Xtreme exhaust system
  • Sparco Pro 200 racing seats with 6-point harnesses
  • Sparco 380 removable steering wheel
  • Creations n’ Chrome 8-point roll cage
  • Boss 302 Laguna Seca rear seat cross brace
  • Custom carbon fiber dash and instrument panel
  • Racepak IQ3 digital dash
  • Ford GT start button
  • Hurst HardDrive shifter
  • Ultrafabrics Ultraleather and Ultra tech center console and door trim
  • Pioneer 1600 watt audio/video/navigation system
  • Thanks to Melvin Betancourt at Ford and Mickey Andrade at HRE Wheels
Creations n' Chrome Boy Racer Mustang 02-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 03-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 04-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 05-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 06-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 07-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 08-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 09-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 10-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 11-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 12-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 13-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 14-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 15-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 16-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 17-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 18-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 19-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 20-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 21-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 22-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 23-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 24-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 25-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 26-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 27-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 28-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 29-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 30-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 31-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 32-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang 33-creations-n-chrome-boy-racer-mustang

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