Galpin Widebody Mustang Boss 302-X

A couple days ago we showed you a preview of the world’s first widebody Mustang Boss 302 designed by Steve Carpenter of Galpin Auto Sports. At the time the car, named the Boss 302-X, was still under construction and still needed some of the body panels and interior to be installed. Since then the GAS crew has been hard at work and has finished up the car just in time for its debut at SEMA.

So what makes the Galpin Mustang Boss 302-X so special? For starters, GAS has constructed the steel widebody panels by hand, adding an incredible nine inches to the width of the car. To fill out the additional space under the wheel wells, Galpin has added a set of one-off Forgiato 20-inch wheels wrapped with Pirelli P Zero tires, 295/30/20 front and 335/30/20 rear. The matte orange pearl PPG paint is a one-off color, and the Boss 302 graphics on the hood side and rear have been painted on rather than using vinyl graphics. Under the hood is a ProCharger supercharger system, and Galpin tells us that the car produces somewhere in the area of 780 horsepower. Finally, a 6-point roll cage painted to match the exterior has been added to the interior alongside custom embroidered logos to the Recaro seats.

You can see plenty of photos of Galpin’s Mustang Boss 302-X in the gallery below, and be sure to tell us what you think of the car in the comments section.

Galpin Widebody Mustang Boss 302-X 02-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 03-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 04-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 05-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 06-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 07-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 08-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 09-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 10-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 11-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 12-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 13-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 14-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 15-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 16-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 17-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 18-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 19-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 20-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 21-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 22-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 23-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 24-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 25-galpin-boss-302-x-preview 26-galpin-boss-302-x-preview

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