Richard Petty Signature Series Mustang

This week at SEMA Petty’s Garage unveiled the third car in their line of vehicles, the Signature Series Mustang. The company says that they will produce fifty examples of the Mustang, the first of which is on display at the BASF booth here in Las Vegas.

The Signature Series Mustang’s main highlight is the Petty Blue paint specially made by BASF, complimented by Ford Racing lower front and rear fascias, a custom 2.5-inch cowl hood, a Petty Signature Performance rear spoiler and Forgline SP3P 19-inch wheels wrapped with Continental DW Extreme tires. Under the hood is a Ford Racing / Whipple supercharger system good for 624 horsepower, and the exhaust runs through a set of stainless steel headers and a Borla cat-back system. The suspension has been upgraded with Pedders adjustable shocks and sport springs, and stopping power is provided by a set of Stoptech brakes, 14-inch/6-piston units up front and 13-inch/4-piston units at the rear. Finally, the interior gets a set of custom Katzkin leather seats and a Hurst Billet Plus shifter.

You can see photos of the Petty’s Garage Signature Series Mustang at the SEMA show in the gallery below.

Richard Petty Signature Series Mustang 02-richard-petty-signature-mustang 03-richard-petty-signature-mustang 04-richard-petty-signature-mustang 05-richard-petty-signature-mustang 06-richard-petty-signature-mustang 07-richard-petty-signature-mustang 08-richard-petty-signature-mustang 09-richard-petty-signature-mustang 10-richard-petty-signature-mustang 11-richard-petty-signature-mustang 12-richard-petty-signature-mustang 13-richard-petty-signature-mustang 14-richard-petty-signature-mustang 15-richard-petty-signature-mustang

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