Saleen S302 Race Car

Saleen’s stealthy S302 Speedster wasn’t the only car in their booth here at the 2011 SEMA Show. Also on display was their Speedlab 01-R Mustang that recently won the NASA American Iron championship for the Mid-Atlantic region with driver Chris Cobetto behind the wheel. The race car is quite a bit different than your standard S302 with a stripped interior and roll cage, huge front splitter and rear wing, HRE wheels and Tiger Racing vented hood, but Saleen tells us that the car has the exact engine (slightly detuned, even, to maintain the required power-to-weight ratio) and Racecraft N2+ adjustable suspension system as the road-going version.

It looks like we’ll be seeing more of the Speedlab 01-R Mustang as Saleen plans to campaign the car in American Iron next year. They are also considering running the car in a few Grand-Am races as well.

You can see the Saleen Speedlab 01-R Mustang in detail in the gallery below.

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