Filip Trojanek's 1966 Widebody Mustang Race Car

This 1966 Mustang coupe stood out in the crowd of show cars here at SEMA with its four-inch fender flares and huge front splitter and rear wing. Owned by Filip Trojanek, this Mustang is built purely for road racing with a CorteX SLA front suspension and watts linkage, Öhlins TTX coilover suspension, and Jongbloed 18-inch split-spoke racing wheels and Stoptech brakes both front and rear. Inside is a CorteX roll cage built by Kertz Fabrication,  OMP race seats and a Personal Racing steering wheel. The Ford faithful won’t be happy to hear what’s under the hood, though, as Trojanek has installed a Corvette LS7 V8 upgraded to 568 horsepower and 508 lb-ft torque. He will be putting the car through its paces this weekend at the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational.

You can see more pictures of Trojanek’s 1996 Mustang Widebody race car below as well as a full list of features.


  • GM LS7 V8 with 568 horsepower and 508 lb-ft torque
  • CorteX Racing longtube headers
  • Borla XR1 mufflers
  • Spectre Performance intake system
  • Tremec T56 6-speed transmission modified for road racing
  • McLeod Magnum Force 8.5-inch twin clutch


  • CorteX SLA front suspension
  • Tubular k-member with GM LS7 engine mounts
  • Competition lower control arms
  • CorteX Radial-X spindles
  • CorteX watts link suspension and adjustable torque arm
  • Öhlins TTX coilover suspension
  • Stoptech STR60 14-inch front brakes
  • Stoptech STR40 13-inch rear brakes

Wheels & Tires:

  • Jongbloed 18-inch split-spoke racing wheels
  • Falken Azenis RT-615K tires, 315/30/18 front and rear


  • Custom steel 4-inch fender flares
  • Custom front fascia and splitter
  • G-Stream Comp 800 rear wing


  • CorteX roll cage built by Kertz Fabrication
  • OMP race seats
  • Data Logger Race Technologies Dash2 with DL1 date logger
  • Personal Racing steering wheel
  • Auto Meter backup analog gauges
  • Seating position moved 12-inches rearward
Filip Trojanek's 1966 Widebody Mustang Race Car 02-filip-trojanek-1966-mustang 03-filip-trojanek-1966-mustang 04-filip-trojanek-1966-mustang 05-filip-trojanek-1966-mustang 06-filip-trojanek-1966-mustang 07-filip-trojanek-1966-mustang 08-filip-trojanek-1966-mustang 09-filip-trojanek-1966-mustang 10-filip-trojanek-1966-mustang 11-filip-trojanek-1966-mustang 12-filip-trojanek-1966-mustang 13-filip-trojanek-1966-mustang 14-filip-trojanek-1966-mustang 15-filip-trojanek-1966-mustang 16-filip-trojanek-1966-mustang 17-filip-trojanek-1966-mustang 18-filip-trojanek-1966-mustang 19-filip-trojanek-1966-mustang 20-filip-trojanek-1966-mustang 21-filip-trojanek-1966-mustang

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