Galpin Widebody Mustang Boss 302-X

We’ve been following the progress of this custom Mustang Boss 302 since we first saw it under construction at Galpin Auto Sports, and now it’s finally been unveiled at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. So what’s so special about this Boss 302? For starters, Galpin has given it their trademark widebody treatment, adding an incredible nine inches to the width of the car via hand-made steel body panels. The exterior is finished off with a one-off PPG matte orange pearl paint, painted black Boss 302 graphics and specially made Forgiato 20-inch wheels, and the interior gets a 6-point roll cage and custom embroidery on the Recaro seats. Finally, Galpin has installed a Procharger supercharger system under the hood, boosting the 5.0-liter V8 to 780 horsepower.

The full specs for the Galpin Mustang Boss 302-X are listed below, as well as an extensive photo gallery covering every inch of the car.


  • Boss 302 engine
  • Custom-built Procharger supercharger system
  • Upgraded fuel system
  • Custom dyno tune
  • Borla ATAK exhaust


  • Stoptech vented front and rear rotors
  • Brembo front calipers
  • Ford Racing lowering springs
  • Factory Boss dampers

Wheels & Tires:

  • One-off Forgiato 20-inch wheels
  • Pirelli tires, 295/35/20 front, 335/30/20 rear


  • Custom hand-built steel widebody panels
  • One-off PPG matte orange pearl paint
  • Custom painted Boss 302 graphics
  • Laguna Seca rear wing
  • Custom sealed rear quarter windows


  • Custom painted 6-point roll cage
  • Custom Boss 302-X embroidered Recaro seats
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