2012 Roush Stage 3 Premier Edition Mustang

Yesterday at SEMA Roush unveiled their latest Mustang, the Stage 3 Premier Edition. This special edition Mustang has all the features of the standard Stage 3 like a 540 horsepower supercharged V8, Roush body kit and suspension system, but is set apart by a new color options package that includes twelve different Sherwin-Williams Planet Color paints. The special paint, which is used for the base vehicle color as well as on the graphics and accent colors, is applied at Roush’s facility in Livonia, MI.

2012 Roush Stage 3 Premier Edition Mustang colors:

  • Black Diamond
  • Performance Pearl
  • Motor City Iron
  • Sin City Silver
  • Blue Bayou
  • Jet Stream
  • Gold Rush
  • Liquid Copper
  • Red Blooded American
  • Mean Green
  • Luminescent Lime
  • Mat It Mango

The car that made its debut at SEMA was clad in “Mad It Mango” with the graphics painted in “Sin City Silver” and accents done in “Performance Pearl”. The car looked incredible even under the harsh lights of the Las Vegas convention center, and the reflective characteristics of the paint can be easily seen.

You can see photos of the Roush Stage 3 Premier Edition Mustang at the 2011 SEMA Show in the gallery below.

2012 Roush Stage 3 Premier Edition Mustang 02-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 03-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 04-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 05-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 06-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 07-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 08-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 09-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 10-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 11-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 12-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 13-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 14-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 15-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 16-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 17-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 18-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 19-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 20-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 21-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 22-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 23-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 24-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 25-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 26-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 27-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 28-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 29-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 30-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 31-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 32-roush-stage-3-premier-sema 33-roush-stage-3-premier-sema

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