1971 Ford Mustang Pegasus

There aren’t too many 1971 Mustangs featured at SEMA, but this example built by Goolsby Customs is definitely worth a closer look. Nicknamed “Pegasus”, this pony car has been given a complete makeover with the front end shortened by six inches and a rear end has been redesigned to feature a pass-through spoiler. The revised bodywork has been mated to a new Fast Track Mustang chassis designed by the Roadster Shop, and under the hood is a modern Coyote 5.0L V8 mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission built by Sean Hyland Motorsports. Other features include Nutek wheels shod with Pirelli tires, Wilwood brakes and a fully custom interior designed by M and M Interiors.

You can see the 1971 Mustang “Pegasus” in detail in the gallery below.

1971 Ford Mustang Pegasus 02-1971-ford-mustang-pegasus 03-1971-ford-mustang-pegasus 04-1971-ford-mustang-pegasus 05-1971-ford-mustang-pegasus 06-1971-ford-mustang-pegasus 07-1971-ford-mustang-pegasus 08-1971-ford-mustang-pegasus 09-1971-ford-mustang-pegasus 10-1971-ford-mustang-pegasus 11-1971-ford-mustang-pegasus 12-1971-ford-mustang-pegasus 13-1971-ford-mustang-pegasus 14-1971-ford-mustang-pegasus 15-1971-ford-mustang-pegasus 16-1971-ford-mustang-pegasus 17-1971-ford-mustang-pegasus 18-1971-ford-mustang-pegasus

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