Hillbank Motorsports HBR Mustang

Tucked away near the back of the Las Vegas convention center is this Grabber Blue Mustang GT on display at the Trufiber display. Built by Hillbank Motorsports, the HBR Mustang is a showcase for Trufiber parts featuring their carbon fiber front splitter, grille, hood, side skirts, side mirror covers, rear quarter window covers, trunk, rear wing and rear diffuser. Trufiber has even outfitted the engine bay with their carbon fiber radiator cover, engine cover, valve covers and more.

In addition to the slathering of carbon fiber, Hillbank Motorsports has added a few performance parts as well. An Airaid intake has been installed under the hood, a Magnaflow exhaust system and x-pipe provide a true muscle car sound, and a KW Variant 3 coilover suspension system provides sporty handling. Finally a set of TSW Nurburgring forged wheels wrapped with Michelin Pilot Sport tires complete the look of the car.

You can see a full list of upgrades and photos of the Hillbank Motorsports HBR Mustang below.


  • Airaid cold air intake system
  • Magnaflow cat-back exhaust system
  • Magnaflow x-pipe
  • Trufiber carbon fiber radiator cover
  • Trufiber carbon fiber engine cover
  • Trufiber carbon fiber valve covers


  • KW Variant 3 coilovers
  • Whiteline sway bars and bushings

Wheels & Tires:

  • TSW 20-inch Nurburgring forged wheels
  • Michelin Pilot Sport tires


  • Trufiber carbon fiber front splitter
  • Trufiber carbon fiber grille
  • Trufiber carbon fiber hood
  • Trufiber carbon fiber side splitters
  • Trufiber carbon fiber side mirror covers
  • Trufiber carbon fiber rear quarter window covers
  • Trufiber carbon fiber trunk
  • Trufiber carbon fiber rear diffuser
  • 3m carbon wrapped roof


  • Road Wire leather seat inserts
  • Custom painted center console and instrument panel
  • Corbeau harness bar
  • Trufiber rear seat delete
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